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500+ and Other Family Benefits in Poland: What are they, how to get them and who is entitled to them?

Family benefits, such as the "Family 500+" program, are an important element of financial support for families in Poland. In this article, we will discuss what 500+ and other family benefits are and what the criteria for granting them are
and how you can get them.


What is 500+ and Other Family Benefits?

"Rodzina 500+" is a financial support program for families in Poland, under which parents receive a cash benefit of PLN 500 per month for the second and each subsequent child up to 18 years of age (up to 24 years of age if the child continues education). However, this is not the only form of family benefits available in Poland. Other family benefits may include:

  • Family Benefit: Awarded on the basis of family income, intended to support the maintenance of children.

  • Housing Benefit: Help with the cost of renting a flat for low-income families.

  • Child Disability Benefits: Financial support for families whose children have disabilities.

Who is entitled to family benefits?

Families in Poland who meet certain income criteria and have children are entitled to 500+ and other family benefits. These criteria vary depending on the type of benefit and change over time.

How to Get Family Benefits?

To receive 500+ and other family benefits, families must submit an appropriate application to the local commune office or other competent authority. You can apply in person, online or by post, and the procedure may vary depending on the type of benefit.

It is worth keeping up to date with application deadlines and monitoring changes in regulations regarding family benefits to make sure that the family receives adequate financial support.

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