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Employee Leasing

Alton Documents
Temporary Employment Agency

Do you need employees?
Fill out the form and we will take care of it,
what we specialize in - recruitment!
Alton Documents - We operate throughout Poland

"Employing foreigners can be easy"

In today's dynamic and competitive business environment,flexibility and efficiency are key factorssuccess. We understand these needs and we offer themcomprehensive solutionsthat will help you achieve your business goals, regardless of the industry or company size.

Our agency has a wide baseskilled workers temporary workers who are ready to work in various sectors and at various job levels. Thanks to our experience
and in-depthunderstanding needs our clients, we are able to find the perfect match between employee and employer, ensuring highquality services and effective results.

Our team consists of professionals with extensive experience in recruitment, human resources management and understanding the specifics of the labor market. We strive to establish a connectionlasting relationships with our customers to understand and provide for their unique needsindividual solutions.

We believe inlong-term partnership based on trust and mutual benefit. Our approach is based on transparency, honesty and professionalism. We strive for excellence in every aspect of our business
and we strive forensuring satisfaction both for our clients and temporary employees.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our services and take advantage of our experience in the field of temporary work. We are ready to take up the challenge and help youachieving success through effective management of temporary employees.


Contact us to find out the details and start fruitful cooperation!

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Our services

What does the remuneration for APT include?

A clear and transparent understanding of the compensation structure is crucial in a partnership.

Our compensation is designed to reflect the real value of our services
and support the benefits of our cooperation.

Remuneration for the employee

Social Security contributions

Occupational Medicine Research

Commuting to work



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The whole world at your fingertips

Our agency is proud to employ employees
from 25 different countries around the world.
Our international staff introduces
diversity of skills, culture and experience.

Contacts established outside Poland allow for quick contacts
and effective recruitment of staff for our projects.

Please contact us

If you want to know more information about our company

and how we can strengthen your production team – contact us!

We are ready to answer any questions, provide details of our offer and discuss how we can adapt our solutions to the needs of your company.

Let's start fruitful cooperation that will benefit both parties.

Office address
in Warsaw

Aleje Jerozolimskie 96,
00-807 Warsaw

in Wroclaw

street Dyrekcyjna 33A/U1,
50-528 Wrocław


+48 533 387 430 (POL, ENG)
+48 533 387 432 (UKR, ROS)

Opening hours

Mon - Fri

09:00 - 17:00

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