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Replacing your driving license in Poland: How to do it, when and why is it important?

Replacing a driving license is a process that may be necessary for many people, both foreign drivers and those with a Polish driving license. In this article, we'll discuss what a driver's license replacement is, how the process works, when it's necessary, and why it's important.

What is Driving License Exchange?

Driving license replacement is the process of replacing your current driving license with a new document or Polish driving license. This is often necessary when someone changes their place of residence, their current driving license expires or they want to adapt to applicable law.

Driving License Replacement Process

The process for replacing your driving license may vary depending on your circumstances. Generally, this process involves several steps:

  1. Notification of Exchange: A person interested in exchanging a driving license must report this fact to the appropriate authority, for example the local transport office.

  2. Preparation of Documents: It is required to provide documents confirming identity and driving license.

  3. Medical Examinations: In some cases, it is necessary to undergo a medical examination to confirm your fitness to drive.

  4. Fees: The process of replacing your driving license may involve administrative fees.

  5. Issuance of a New Driving License: Once the driving license replacement process is completed, a new document is issued.

When Warto Change your driving license?

It is worth considering replacing your driving license in the following situations:

  • Change of Residence: If you are moving to Poland from another country, you may need to exchange your foreign driving license for a Polish one.

  • Expiry of Driving License: If your current driving license has expired, you need to replace it.

  • New Laws: If the law regarding driving licenses has changed and you are obliged to adapt to the new requirements.

Why It's Worth Replacing
Driving license?

Replacing your driving license is important because it allows you to drive legally and legally in Poland. Having a current driving license is also proof of having the appropriate skills and driving license,
which is important for road safety.

If you need to exchange your driving license in Poland or have any questions about it, please contact our team. We are ready to help you in this process and provide the necessary information.

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