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PIT settlement

PIT settlement in Poland:
Process, Deadlines and Directions

Settlement of PIT (Personal Income Tax) is an annual tax obligation in Poland, which applies to both residents of the country and foreigners staying here for a specified period of time. In this article, we will discuss what PIT settlement is, how the process works, what the deadlines are and what tips can help in its implementation.

What is a PIT Settlement?

PIT settlement is a tax obligation that involves reporting your income to the tax office and calculating and paying the income tax due. This is an important element of the tax system in Poland and applies to both income
both at home and abroad.


PIT Settlement Process

The PIT settlement process includes several key steps:

  1. Reporting Income: The owner of income must report it in the appropriate PIT form, selecting the appropriate declaration depending on the type of income and sources of income.

  2. Filling out the Declaration: Then, complete the PIT declaration, providing detailed information on income, deductions, tax credits, etc.

  3. Tax Calculations: The income tax due is calculated based on the data included in the declaration.

  4. Tax Payment: After calculations, you must pay income tax to the account of the tax office.

  5. Sending the Declaration: The completed declaration must be sent to the tax office within the specified deadline

PIT Settlement Deadlines

PIT settlement is mandatory and subject to specific deadlines. The most important date is:

  • April 30: Deadline for submitting PIT-37 declarations for people with income from work.

  • April 30: Deadline for submitting PIT-36 declarations for people with income from business activities.

  • April 30: Deadline for submitting PIT-28 declarations for persons with income from cash capital.

Tips and Professional Help

PIT settlement can be complicated, especially in the case of more complicated financial situations. It is worth paying attention to available tax reliefs and deductions that can help reduce your tax burden. If you have doubts
or you need help, you can use the services of professional tax advisors.

If you need help settling your PIT in Poland, please contact us.
Our experienced team of tax specialists is ready to help you with every aspect of the process.

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