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temporary job

Temporary Work: Flexibility
and Efficiency for your company

Are you looking for solutions that will help you meet the changing staffing needs of your company?
Temporary work is the answer to these challenges. Our temporary employment agency specializes in providing personnel solutions that ensure flexibility and efficiency of your organization.

Why Temporary Work?

  1. Quick Response to HR Needs: Temporary work allows you to adjust the number of employees to changing market conditions, seasonal increases or projects with a limited implementation period.

  2. Cost Optimization: It allows you to minimize the costs of permanent employment, such as salaries, social benefits or training, while providing you with access to highly qualified employees.

  3. Quick Start: Temporary workers are ready to go right away, reducing the time it takes to start projects or fill open positions.

  4. Employment Flexibility: You can hire temporary workers for a specified period of time or permanently, depending on the current needs of your company.

Our offer

Our temporary employment agency offers a wide range of services related to temporary work, including:

  • Selection and Recruitment: We conduct rigorous recruitment processes to provide you with the best temporary employees.

  • Personnel Administration: We manage employee documentation and all administrative matters.

  • Training: We organize training tailored to your needs to provide your employees with the required skills.

  • Legal Support: We provide support in compliance with laws and regulations regarding temporary work.

Please contact us

If you are interested in the benefits of temporary work, please contact our temporary employment agency.
We are ready to provide you with flexible and effective personnel solutions that will support the development of your company.

Temporary work is key to success in today's dynamic business environment.
Choose our agency to gain access to experienced temporary workers and increase the competitiveness of your company!

Office address
in Warsaw


Opening hours

Aleje Jerozolimskie 96,
00-807 Warsaw

in Wroclaw

+48 533 387 430 (POL, ENG)
+48 533 387 432 (UKR, ROS)

Mon - Fri

09:00 - 17:00

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street Dyrekcyjna 33A/U1,
50-528 Wrocław

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