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Employees from Africa and Asia

Employees from Africa and Asia

Are you looking for reliable employees from Africa and Asia who can enrich your team and contribute to the development of your company? Our temporary employment agency is an expert in recruiting and providing employees from these regions,
to meet your unique needs.

Why Consider African and Asian Employees?

  1. Cultural Diversity: African and Asian employees bring with them cultural diversity, which can be extremely valuable in product development, international marketing and areas requiring creativity.

  2. High Motivation: Employees from these regions are often characterized by great commitment and drive for success, which can have a positive impact on the work atmosphere and team effectiveness.

  3. Linguistic Flexibility: African and Asian employees often have the ability to communicate in multiple languages, which can be crucial in an international context.

  4. Specialized Skills: Many workers from these regions are skilled in specialized fields such as IT, engineering, medicine and others.

Our offer

Our temporary employment agency offers a wide range of services related to the recruitment and employment of employees from Africa and Asia,


  • Candidate Selection: We help you find the best-suited employees who will meet your requirements.

  • Recruitment Process: We conduct rigorous recruitment processes to ensure the highest quality of candidates.

  • Administrative Support: We help in completing all formalities related to the employment of foreign workers.

  • Training: We organize training and adapt it to your needs.

Please contact us

If you are interested in employing workers from Africa and Asia, please contact our temporary employment agency.
We are ready to provide you with employees who will help you achieve business success and develop your company.

With us, your company will become even more competitive on the market!

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Opening hours

Aleje Jerozolimskie 96,
00-807 Warsaw

in Wroclaw

+48 533 387 430 (POL, ENG)
+48 533 387 432 (UKR, ROS)

Mon - Fri

09:00 - 17:00

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street Dyrekcyjna 33A/U1,
50-528 Wrocław

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