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Employees from Ukraine
and eastern countries

Employees from Ukraine
and Eastern Countries

You are looking for qualified and committed peoplenew employees from Ukraine and Eastern countries to strengthen your team?
Our temporary employment agency specializes in providing the best candidates from these regions,
to help you achieve business success.

Why It's Worth Choosing Employees
With Ukraine and Countrythe Eastern ones?

  1. Highly Qualified Specialists: Employees from Ukraine and Eastern countries often have solid education and experience in various industries, which translates into efficiency and quality of work.

  2. Multilingualism: Many of our employees know several languages, which can be extremely valuable in areas requiring international communication.

  3. Motivation and Dedication: Employees from these regions are often known for their willingness to work hard and commit, which translates into a positive impact on company results.

  4. Favorable Financial Conditions: Employment of employees from Ukraine and Eastern countries may be more profitable thanks to competitive remuneration rates.

Our offer

Our temporary employment agency offers a wide range of services related to the recruitment and employment of workers from Ukraine
and eastern countries, including:

  • Selection of Candidates: We make sure to find the best employees suitable for your needs.

  • Recruitment Process: We carry out careful and reliable recruitment processes, verifying the skills and experience of candidates.

  • Administrative Support: We provide support in the field of formalities and documentation related to the employment of foreign workers.

  • Performance Monitoring: We provide performance monitoring and evaluation services to ensure that employees are meeting your expectations.

Please contact us

If you are interested in employing qualified workers from Ukraine and Eastern countries, please contact us!
We are ready to provide you with the best personnel solutions that will help you achieve your business goals.

Choose our agency to gain access to talents from Ukraine and Eastern countries to strengthen your company today!

Office address
in Warsaw


Opening hours

Aleje Jerozolimskie 96,
00-807 Warsaw

in Wroclaw

+48 533 387 430 (POL, ENG)
+48 533 387 432 (UKR, ROS)

Mon - Fri

09:00 - 17:00

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street Dyrekcyjna 33A/U1,
50-528 Wrocław

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